Cokes and Bros

3 Bros who are NOT afraid to laugh at ourselves and our own, as well as each others' misfortunes. Come follow along on our journey!

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Real Talk with Ryan

Keeping it REAL with Ryan, talking about every day topics that are close to my heart. Politics, Dad-Life, and Motivational videos leaving it all out on the table.

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Video Production

Ryan Hender Media, full service media production company. Specializing in documentary style weddings and business promotional films.

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Who is Ryan Hender?

Ryan Hender is an award winning Photographer, Videographer, Director, Producer, and business builder. I have helped dozens of companies increase  exposure for their businesses through video production.

I've had so many people tell  me I should write a book, but for me, video is my passion, so here it is. Rather than hiring a production crew to tell my story, we do it the old fashioned way!

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Next Steps...

If you would like to pitch us an idea for either Cokes and Bros OR Real Talk, drop us a line!